Receiving & Transmitting is a departure for Coop from his blues and rock recordings. This CD is a chilled instrumental experience that encompasses world music, jazz, acoustic guitar, fretless bass, and a variety of instruments from around the globe. This project is for all lovers of music who  meditate, dream, pray, relax, and those who see beyond. 

Receiving & Transmitting CD

  • Coop shared his feelings about this recording: "This project became very close to me, for at the time my wife Renee was very sick with a very rare disorder called SMA syndrome (superior Mesenteric Artery syndrome) and we almost lost her... when I first recorded all the looping guitar bits there were 2 1/2 hours of continuous guitar parts. All Renee could do was lie on the couch I had in the studio, while being fed with a PICC line in her arm to keep her alive. I played for her while she would go in and out of sleep.

    This recording became very real to me; I didn't know I was going to be on my own journey with cancer a few years later, so I thought it was very appropriate to do a full remix of the project and get it remastered this year while going thru this journey. Thanks to Ferry Verhoeve of DMI Records, he not remastered it, but also re-packaged the CD. I am extremely grateful for all his help and time on this ... you can never underestimate the healing power of music."