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Live at Machaira's HoUse with Marc Cooper

               This recent live show at the beautiful theater Journey Downtown in Vacaville California was filmed on January 28th, 2023.

              Coop sings this song he's written entitled, "Prodigal Son" and Machaira bring life to the song in their first show of the year.

 I Ain't Got Nothing

Coop has a strong love for jazz-blues progressions...

 Steel Blues

This is the opening track from the DVD, "Alive & Burning Blues Sessions". This blues guitar instrumental showcases Coop's fiery style...

 The Acoustic Element

Coop's signature series customshop guitar has 6 RMC acoustic piezo saddles in the bridge and the tone is something he's been so happy with for a long time now. (It's not that he doesn't have full bodied acoustics in his studio but he loves it that he's not having to change instruments mid-stream)... Coop is currently working on an acoustic segment in his predominately electric shows.

Blues Masters Contest "Dislocated Boy"

This video was shot for the Blues masters contest that Guitar Center and Joe Bonamassa did. 

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