Learning this amazing instrument takes time, dedication and a desire to see it through. Becoming one with the guitar is , in my opinion, a life long pursuit, and a very enjoyable one at that! I've been writing teaching books on guitar for the past thirty one years. I believe that so much is still to be discovered in the learning of guitar... We are still at it's infancy as to where we can go ! My hope is that you will join me in that discovery on my PATREON channel and also find the joy in learning the Art of Guitar.

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The fight against cancer is ever a reality for many.  Coop's 6 year battle with NH Lymphoma has been a journey of many twists and turns. Help Coop beat cancer to the ground. His cancer has come back in 2021 and he's now started an intense cancer treatment trial at UC Davis to fight his NH lymphoma and the newest diagnosis (he has been waiting 6 years for) that the serious problems in his lungs is AL Amyloidosis. The doctors are tripling his treatments this time. 18 infusions will be needed, and 2 other drugs will be used to try and shrink and kill cancer cells: Aza CC-486 and Revlimid

His costs this time through are going to be extremely high, so a dear friend Keith Luker has started at gofundme site for Coop.                                            


Any amount to help offset his costs will be so

helpful and needed as this will go on for the next year.



                    C90P.13 CUSTOM GUITAR


 Coop and Brian Moore Guitars have had a nice long relationship since early 2001...

The neck had to feel awesome and buttery. It does!

The pickups and tone possibilities, endless...

 It had to have an acoustic bridge that sounded

 amazing and big! It also had to have the synth

 capabilities and had to have guitar synth access.

It had to look different than other brands and also

stand on its own and have it's own artistic look.

The RMC piezo acoustic bridge pickups are the best

 Coop's ever heard, and the 13din pin synth access

 jack allowing Coop to use his Roland GR-55 & AXON

 guitar synths, works like a charm. The result?

The feel, the tone, AND the look is stellar.    

           It is everything and much more....

You can order one here:


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